Inaugural lecture Prof. dr. Dirk Ubbink: best treatment through evidence-based medicine

On the 21st of November 2018, Prof. dr. Dirk Ubbink, Professor in Evidence-based Medicine and Shared Decision-Making from Amsterdam UMC, location AMC will hold his Inaugural lecture at the University of Amsterdam. Ubbink will argue both Evidence-based medicine (EBM) and shared decision making (SDM) during his oration; besides health professionals’ own knowledge and experience, decisions in health care should be based on scientific evidence to increase the quality of health care. Additionally, Ubbink suggests that available evidence about treatment should be tested to the patient’s preference and situation. The implementation of EBM and SDM requires a change in health care practice. Fortunately, this is stimulated by an increasing number of professional- and patient organizations as well as the government and insurers.  

Prof. dr. Dirk Ubbink   Prof. dr. Dirk Ubbink