How vital and fit are Dutch bachelor nursing students?

Personnel shortages in the health care sector, especially among nursing staff are an international challenge.
In recent weeks, the Dutch media focused on the increasing outflow of young nurses following a white paper from the IZZ Foundation (Bronkhorst, 2019). The research project 'SPRiNG Starting Strong in Nursing' aims to unravel the relationship between mental and physical health determinants on dropout of nurses during their education and at the start of their career. SPRiNG is a joint research project of Amsterdam Public Health, Amsterdam UMC, Erasmus MC and Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.

Preliminary findings are recently published in the Dutch Journal of Nursing Care (Tijdschrift voor Ziekenverpleging [TvZ]). Spoiler; between 2016 and 2018 distress, need for recovery and musculoskeletal complaints increased among third year nursing students.

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