Hearing test-app launched by the WHO and Amsterdam UMC

On World Hearing Day (March 3rd 2019) the World Health Organization launched the hearWHO-app for early identification and intervention of hearing loss. The app was co-developed by APH researcher and audiologist Cas Smits, from Amsterdam UMC. Nowadays, 466 million people suffer from hearing problems and this number is expected to rise in the future, especially in low-and middle income countries. Smit mentions that in these countries hearing loss is often unidentified and untreated. Because of e-health applications, such as  the hearWHO-app, good care is also available for people in developing countries as many people have access to a mobile phone. Additionally, identifying hearing loss as soon as possible is important to intervene and prevent further deterioration. The consequences of hearing loss are not only detrimental for individuals in terms of social isolation and increased poverty, but also for societies as a whole, due to lower productivity.