Healthy temptations in the supermarket – a pilot study

Last month the Dirk supermarket in Leidschenveen joined a special pilot program, with the goal to stimulate the purchase of vegetables and fruit. In light of the project ‘Ga Voor Kleur Lab’ (Go For Color Lab) small adjustments were made in the shop to give fruit and vegetables a more prominent place in the supermarket. With this intervention the ‘National Actionplan Vegetables and Fruit’ explorers the potential of nudging to encourage consumers to make healthier food choices. This is the first time in the Netherlands that a supermarket has explored so many nudges at the same time.

APH-researcher, Jaap Seidell: “In the supermarket a profusion of unhealthy products draws our attention. Whereas most of the healthy products (vegetables and fruit) usually do not even have a package or are not trying to do marketing and promotion. This has an unwittingly influence on our purchase behavior. The ‘Ga Voor Kleur Lab’ presents a concrete and easy intervention to have a positive influence and to stimulate a healthy food choice.”

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