Hacking Health Amsterdam 2020: registration is still open!

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The second edition of Dutch Hacking Health Amsterdam (HHA) will take place in 2020 from September 10th to September 12th. A Hackathon in which unusual teams - from healthcare professional to programmer or from EPD specialist to designer - will work on solutions for improving care and health in Amsterdam and its surroundings. At the center of this project are citizens and their health, as opposed to patients and their disease.

Amsterdam UMC and research institute Amsterdam Public Health are partners of HHA. You can still attend the Hackathon. This year’s hackathon will take place from the 10th of September until the 12th of September in a hybrid form. This means that it will partly take place online, but that there is also time to meet in person with the teams. The finale takes place on Sunday morning the 13th.


·         The hackathon starts Thursday September 10 at 17.00 with the opening. The hackers choose the problem they want to solve during the hackathon.

·         Friday 11th and Saturday 12th of September are two ‘hack-days’ in which the team works together to solve the problem

·         The 100 participants will be separated in 2 groups, whereby every group consists of 8 teams. Group A will work on Saturday and Sunday from 9.00 - 15.00 in Broedplaats Contact with the help of the HHA-team. Group B will work on Saturday and Sunday from 16. 00 – 22.00 in Broedplaats Contact supported by the HHA-team. When you cannot work in Broedplaats Contact, you can work somewhere else in the city. Where and how will be announced later. The HHA-team can then give advice via the online channels.

·         Sunday morning from 11.00 – 13.00 the digital finale will take place. The person pitching the solution to the jury will do this at Broedplaats Contact. The other teammates and other interested people can join online. The final will be streamed.


You can still register as pitcher (deadline August 10) or as hacker (deadline August 27). 

Click for more information (in Dutch) on the hackathon Hacking Health Amsterdam.