Grant from ZonMw Open Competition for excellent research groups obtained by program leader Sophia Kramer and her colleagues

APH researchers Sophia Kramer (Amsterdam UMC- VUmc), Adriana Zekveld (Amsterdam UMC – VUmc) and Eco de Geus (VU University) obtained a grant by ZonMw for their project ‘REAL – HEARING: Real life measurement of the influence of hearing loss and listening effort on stress systems’. For the first round of the ZonMw Open Competition a total amount of 9 million euros is divided over 12 research projects. The program has the goal to create space for (pioneering) science with excellent quality, driven by curiosity.

Moreover, APH researcher Eus van Someren (Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience; GGZ InGeest) received the same grant for his project ‘REMOVE: Resolving Emotional Memories Overnight’.

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