Grant for Margot Wagenmakers, Mardien Oudega en Annemiek Dols ‘Stichting Hofje van Codde en Van Beresteyn’

Together with APH- researchers Annemiek Dols and Mardien Oudega , Margot Wagenmakers received a grant to disseminate knowledge about cognitive impairment in late life depression. This project is closely related to a current RCT evaluating online cognitive training in older patients with mood disorders at GGZ inGeest: The BrainFit study. Patients with late life depression suffer from cognitive problems. However these symptoms are often not recognized and treated, despite the major impact on recovery of depression, quality of life and social functioning. The goal of the current project is to disseminate knowledge about cognition as part of a depression and the effect of interventions. This will be done as follows:

1) At  November 7th a conference will be organized at the Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc, for patients and relatives. Prof. dr. E.J.A. Scherder will discuss cognition and the brain, prof. dr. O.A. van den Heuvel will inform patients on the plasticity and resilience of the brain and dr. A. Dols will explain several strategies to train cognition of  patients with mood disorders.

2) Interviews with these presenters will be recorded and presented at our website

3) Training for general practitioners in Amsterdam to improve recognition of cognitive problems in older patients with depression, given by dr. M.L. Oudega (unipolar depression), dr. A. Dols (bipolar depression) and drs. M.J. Wagenmakers about the BrainFit study.

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