Four Personalized Medicine grants awarded

The Personalized Medicine call for proposals resulted in the awarding of four projects in which both VUmc and AMC researchers work together to address relevant research questions in the Personalized Medicine domain. The purpose of these grants was to facilitate innovative research plans within Personalized Medicine and to stimulate exchange of expertise and ideas between researchers and research groups from both institutes. A maximum of €10.000 per project was available. 

Granted projects:
Personalizing analgesia during labour: which labouring woman needing pain relief benefits from controlled analgesia with remifentanil and which woman benefits from epidural analgesia?
Lead applicant: Mohammad Hadi Zafarmand (Obstetrics and Gynecology, AMC)

Towards optimising collaborative FH Care and Research in the Amsterdam Region.
Lead applicant: Carla van El (Clinical Genetics, VUMC)

Personalized Medicine in Pediatric Asthma.
Lead applicants: Anke-Hilse Maitland-van der Zee (Respiratory Medicine, AMC) & Toos van Beijsterveldt (Biological Psychology, VU)

What values are needed for personalized medicine?
Lead applicant: Martina Cornel (Community Genetics, VUmc)