Examination of the relation between omega-3 fatty acids and depression and anxiety

Research has shown that patients dealing with a current depression have lower omega-3 blood plasma levels compared to people without symptoms. Moreover, the severity of the depression is higher, when the blood plasma levels are lower. This raises the question if there is a causal relationship between those factors. This was part of the dissertation of APH-researcher Carisha Thesing (Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc, department Psychiatry). She used data from the NESDA cohort, the DELTA research and the MooDFOOD research. Although she has not found any causal relationship between the low omega-3 plasma levels and depression disorders, she recommends future researchers to further examine whether patients with high inflammatory rates might benefit from supplements.

The Nederlands Kenniscentrum Angst, Dwang, Trauma en Depressie (NedKAD) interviewed Carisha Thesing (in Dutch) about her dissertation: ‘Fatty acids in depressive and anxiety disorders: Fishing for answers’.