European cervical cancer research of Hans Berkhof receives 5.8 million euro from Horizon 2020

APH-researcher Hans Berkhof, professor in Biostatistics and Health-economic-modeling at Amsterdam UMC, has received 5.8 million euro to set up a European database to estimate the risks of cervical cancer together with his research group. Using data of current and former test-results, HPV-vaccination, and other factors, a risk profile can be developed. With this profile, it can be estimated how regularly women have to be screened, thus how much time should be in-between screenings. This risk-based step to screening is more efficient compared to the current system. At the moment, women in Europe are screened every 3 to 5 years, and in some countries even every year. The new system will lead to a better balance between the protective effect of screening and the costs of screening.    


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