Development of guide to perform a secondary, intersectional analysis of qualitative data about a health or health care topic

For quite a long time, APH researchers Mirjam Stuij, Maaike Muntinga, Minne Bakker, Elena Bendien and Petra Verdonk have been seeking for ways and methods to study diversity in health and healthcare. This last year and a half we have been developing a tool, together with a team of senior researchers, to help researchers in analyzing their interview data from a diversity perspective (see attached). This tool kan aid researchers to explore the theme of inequality in their research data. 

This Dutch-language guide offers practical principles and starting points to perform a secondary, intersectional analysis of qualitative data about a health or health care topic. It provides some theoretical background, but is mostly aimed at applying intersectionality theory to qualitative research practice through the use of examples and literature references. The reader will find that the guide focuses on interview transcripts, but the information presented could be used for a range of different qualitative designs and data projects, e.g. focus group transcripts, observation reports and field notes, photography and film, audio, and art. This guide is not finished and we do not intent to have developed a neatly packaged technique – to the contrary. We see this effort as a first step in the further development of intersectionality as a useful theoretical and methodological concept, and believe that to perform an intersectional analysis is to advance it. We hope our fellow APH researchers will find it useful. 

Download guide >> [DUTCH]

Are you interested in intersectionality as a theory and methodology for public health? On August 24, from 16.00-17.00, we are organizing a first ‘Introduction to Intersectionality’ Zoom meetup. In this one hour ‘meet-and-greet’ with intersectionality, we outline the basics of the theory and its application in public health, and provide a quick overview of the content of the upcoming PhD training ‘Intersectionality and I’. The 2-day training is developed by PhD students from APH. Sign up for this info meet up by sending an email to Maaike Muntinga. The meeting is open to all.

Find more information on the training ‘Intersectionality and I’ and how to attend it.