Contract? Grant Application? DO NOT use the Amsterdam UMC-logo!

Contract? Grant Application? DO NOT use the Amsterdam UMC-logo!

Please note: In contracts, grant applications, agreements or other (legal) documents do not use the name and logo of the Amsterdam UMC. Amsterdam UMC is not a legal entity, it is only the brand name of the collaboration between the VUmc and the AMC. The use of the name and logo Amsterdam UMC could be misleading and cause confusion.

Therefore, it is not permitted to use (digital) paper with the logo of Amsterdam UMC for these documents.

Use of the name Amsterdam UMC and the logo in practice.

Basic principles

  • Amsterdam UMC is a brand with a logo, but not a legal entity and is therefore not registered at the Chamber of Commerce. Amsterdam UMC cannot take formal action, cannot be accredited, cannot be held responsible, reject, acknowledge etc. 
  • Until the legal merger of the VUmc and the AMC, these organisations remain separate, with two management boards and two advisory boards. Similar boards in both organisations will consist of the same people.

Regarding correspondence this implies

  • In letters to patients, relations, health care providers, etc. the text will refer to either the AMC or the VUmc. The letters will use the new style, in which the footer and the sender (upper right) clearly state that the sender is someone from either the AMC or the VUmc. 
  • In official documents like contracts, grant applications, letters of intent, accreditations or collaborative agreements either the AMC or the VUmc is the party stated in the agreement/request (i.e. the acting party). This needs to be used in a consistent way throughout the text. The advice is not to use the new name or logo to avoid causing any doubt about the acting party. 
  • If the AMC and the VUmc wish to sign a letter of intent, collaboration (including a grant application) or contract then both organisations need to be mentioned specifically in the text. The logo can be used in this case but the name “Amsterdam UMC” cannot be used in the text.