Combining work and family care: there is nothing taboo about discussing family care at work

In the Netherlands, 1 in 4 workers combines his or her job with family caregiving tasks. Combining work and family care in a healthy way can be challenging, particularly for older employees. Amsterdam UMC (location VUmc) investigated in collaboration with MantelzorgNL, Movisie, VU University, RIVM and TNO whether there are differences between men and women in mental health by the combination of work and family care.  

‘Depressive symptoms were used as an indicator for mental health. Our research shows that providing family care is associated with depressive symptoms among older workers’ said Femmy Bijnsdorp who works as a researcher at Amsterdam UMC (location VUmc). The study results indicate that social support at work is very important’. According to Jan Anne van Dijk, program manager at MantelzorgNL, a culture change is needed. ‘Eventually, everyone will be involved in family caregiving at some point. Open communication contributes to a family caregiver-friendly workplace.’.

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