Call for Proposals: access to CBS-microdata

Call for Proposals: access to CBS-microdata / New round of the Microdata Access Grant

The ODISSEI Microdata Access Grant (MAG) offers researchers who are working at an ODISSEI-connected faculty free access to CBS Microdata. VU-FGB and UvA-FMG are members of ODISSEI, and therefore APH members working at those faculties are encouraged to submit a proposal.

In particular early career researchers are invited to submit a proposal. Eight projects can freely use the CBS microdata with the available budget (this is a 50% increase towards last year). The budget of €7500 per project normally covers a project with two researchers, with a duration of six months and access to approximately ten datasets (see the CBS-data catalogue). The proposals must be submitted on April 30 2020. 

Do you want to have an idea of the possibilities, please see the accepted projects of last year’s call.