Call for innovation grant application Personalized Medicine program 2019

1.      Goal of research grant

-          Facilitating innovative research proposals focused on Personalized Medicine

-          The grant and its applications will contribute to the thematic deepening of the research topics

-          Transfer and exchange of knowledge and expertise between researchers and research departments affiliated to Personalized Medicine

-          Profiling Personalized Medicine as a part of Amsterdam Public Health

2.      What can be applied for?
This research grant will be made available for scientific research projects covering topics of the Personalized Medicine program. The projects should be performed by several researchers or research groups within Personalized Medicine, working both at the AMC/UvA and VU/VUmc. This grant application concerns Personalized Medicine in the broadest meaning which is used within the program. However, given the relative unfamiliarity of Personalized Medicine with primary care (especially, the biological approach of PM), preference will be given to projects with this focus. The application can consist of a small project, a pilot study, research with a specific research question regarding current datasets or the preparation of a collective research proposal for a national or international call.

3.      Who can apply for the grand?
Researchers who are a member of the research program Personalized Medicine.

4.      Budget request
The available budget is €50.000,- . Therefore, this is the maximum amount which can be applied for. The money can be used for hiring employees, the development of materials, or other purposes.

5.      Application assessment procedure
For the application of your proposal you can use the form ‘Application form PM call 2019’. The form can be filled in both in English and in Dutch. Completed forms can be send to

Applications will be assessed by members of the Personalized Medicine program board, program leaders, and junior board on:

-          Innovativeness

-          Collaboration between AMC/UvA – VU/VUmc

-          Scientific quality

-          Feasibility

-          Contribution to the profiling of Personalized Medicine

-          Contribution to the thematic deepening of the research topics.

-          Potential to develop an extended research proposal

Important deadlines:  

Deadline application request             November 15th  2019

Latest start date project                    January 1st  2020

Latest end date project                      January 1st 2021

Background of the Personalized Medicine Program

Click here for the PM information on the APH website>>