Bernadette Schutijser wins the Anna Reynvaan scientific award (wetenschapsprijs)

APH researcher Bernadette Schutijser has won the Anna Reyvaan Wetenschapsprijs. Each year, this price is awarded to the best scientific publication by a nurse. This year was the 22nd time this price was awarded. A total number of 21 applications were assessed by the jury and a top three was selected. Bernadette Schutijser and her colleagues examined how double- checking procedures of medication by injection are executed in practice. They found that nurses do both digital and physical checks, but that they make a risk assessment regarding the necessity for a physical check. This risk assessment depends on the amount of available personnel, the familiarity with the medication, the seriousness of the side effects, how the medicine is administered and what the state of the patient is. There is thus a difference between the protocol and the execution of the double-checking procedure of medication per injection. The recommendation is to have a closer look at the procedure and to see if this variation in practice is acceptable and safe. They were awarded this price as a result of the good methodology and their message to think about and safeguard patient safety. 

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