APH researcher Sandra Kooij appointed as first chair ‘ADHD within adults’

Sandra Kooij, psychiatrist at PsyQ (part of the Parnassia Group) has been appointed as professor by special appointment ‘ADHD within adults’. The special chair is on behalf of Parnassia Group established in the Amsterdam UMC, department of Psychiatry (location VUmc). Prof. dr Sandra Kooij has been the expert in the Netherlands since 25 years. She initiated, amongst other things, the first screening of the population of ADHD in adults in the Netherlands, developed the DIVA-5 diagnostic interview in more than 20 languages, and started the Department and Knowledge center ADHD within adults and elderly people at PsyQ/Parnassia Group, which has had the TOPGGz recognition since 2008.

ADHD is predominantly associated with children, but a lot of adults and elderly people live with restlessness, impulsivity and concentration problems, which are typical for ADHD. Research of ADHD within adults started only 25 years ago and is therefore within the adult psychiatry a relative young discipline. Due to the special chair, more fundamental research can be executed to improve the support for adults and elderly people.

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