APH programleader Judith Bosmans appointed as professor in Methodology of efficiency research

As from the 1st of March, Judith Bosmans has been appointed as professor in ‘Methodology of efficiency research’ at the department of Health Sciences at the Vrije Universiteit as part of the Fenna Diemer Lindeboom chair.

Bosmans performs research on the costs and effects of healthcare interventions, the so called cost-effectiveness. As cost-effectiveness plays an important role in deciding whether healthcare interventions are reimbursed or not, it has become evident that the research underlying these decisions should be of high quality. However, there is still room for improvement. It is therefore important that the methodological quality of the economic evaluations improves. Moreover, efficiency research is a relatively new research area within the field of Health Sciences. Therefore, the methods for this type of research are currently in full development. The goal of the chair ‘Methodology of efficiency research’ is to increase the efficiency of the Dutch healthcare by 1) performing highly qualitative economic evaluations, and 2) developing and evaluating new methods for economic evaluations. Better methods lead to better decisions, by which scarce resources are less wasted.