APH COVID-19 initiative: Research on the well-being of medical residents and how to support them during the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic puts enormous pressure on healthcare systems and therefore on healthcare professionals. Physicians have to express a great deal of flexibility, stamina and resilience due to the continuously changing schedules, environment and protocols. In addition, the care for COVID-19 patients can be very stressful, due to the severity of the disease, the lack of treatment possibilities and the fear of virus transmission during the care for these patients. Many initiatives to support these healthcare professionals are undertaken. For example facilitation of webinars on wellbeing and peer groups to share experiences.

A new study has been initiated, of which the primary goal is to support the wellbeing of residents and to monitor whether they feel they are able to provide the usual high quality patient care. This will help understand the impact of the different phases of the pandemic on physician wellness and quality of care. In addition, it will be investigated which wellbeing interventions offered by the AMC are used (most) by residents and how they evaluate them. The findings are instrumental in improving the provision and accessibility of interventions.

In a longitudinal study a weekly online 2-minute questionnaire will be sent to all internal medicine residents and residents from other specialties working on the ICU. Questions focus on residents (physical, mental and emotional) wellbeing, perception of quality of care provided, use of interventions offered by Amsterdam UMC location AMC and helpful activities outside of work.

For more information please contact: Hannah den Boon

This is an initiative taken by APH researchers as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. If you have an initiative to be listed as well, please email us.

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