APH COVID-19 initiative: Registration COVID-19 in Ysis

APH, Cees Hertogh

To gain better insight into the course of (suspicions of) COVID-19 infections in geriatric/long-term care, all doctors and treatment services that work with EHR YSIS are called upon to participate in the registrationg concerning COVID-19. By taking part in this registration, participants also receive feedback on the situation in their own organization. All institutions that use Ysis are granted automatic access to this improved registration and also to the dashboards that provide ‘real-time’ feedback.

The registration of COVID-19 has recently started in Ysis upon request of Verenso. Verenso and Amsterdam UMC have now adjusted the registration so that the course of COVID-19 can also be better recorded. This activity falls under the recently started (and by VWS subsidized) program Learning of Data* in which Verenso and the University Network geriatric care of Amsterdam UMC (UNO-VUmc) closely work together on reusing healthcare data from Ysis in support of quality improvement and knowledge development for and by specialists geriatric care. The specific COVID-19 registrations are set up with a limited registration burden for healthcare providers.

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*Program Learning of Data: Nienke Nieuwenhuizen, chair Verenso, Thomas Ferguson, director Gerimedica, Cees Hertogh, professor geriatric care, Amsterdam UMC & UNO VUmc. Read more about this project here>>


This is an initiative taken by APH researchers as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. If you have an initiative to be listed as well, please email us.

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