APH COVID-19 initiative: New study on the influence of COVID-19 on psychological factors as depression and anxiety

This study examines whether the COVID-19 pandemic leads to increased symptoms of depression and anxiety, especially in psychiatric patients. It uniquely utilizes the availability of >3000 subjects from ongoing psychiatric cohort studies that have been well-characterized in multiple waves during the last decade. Psychiatric symptoms will be re-assessed using consecutive online assessments (April-July 2020), allowing comparison with symptoms in periods before the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, determinants (psychiatric history, psychosocial and coping characteristics) of (change in) symptoms will be examined. 
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Please find an interview with Brenda Penninx on the Dutch radio here>> 
(2 april; Nieuws & Co; 18:18)

APH contact person: Brenda Penninx

This is an initiative taken by APH researchers as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. If you have an initiative to be listed as well, please email us.

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