APH COVID-19 initiative: Gender in Times of Corona - Knowledge, thoughts and reflections about the relationship between sex/gender and COVID-19

dr. Petra Verdonk on behalf of the Dutch Foundation Gender & Health

Although COVID-19 is affecting all of us, it is not affecting all of us equally. Women seem to more exposed to the virus, while men more often die from it. As infectious disease outbreaks such as HIV and Ebola have taught us before, a gender analysis is essential for an effective and equitable emergency response. On behalf of the Dutch Foundation Gender & Health (NVG&G), dr. Petra Verdonk (dept. of Medical Humanities location VUmc) has drafted an overview of news and links and literature on gender and the coronavirus. Please feel free to share this information where you think it is useful. Also, if you have any additional resources on the gender dimension of Corona, please do not hesitate to share with us, so that we can further disseminate (info@genderengezondheid.nl).

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This is an initiative taken by APH researchers as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. If you have an initiative to be listed as well, please email us.

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