APH COVID-19 initiative: COVID-19 among elderly

prof. dr. Bianca Buurman in Medisch Contact (25-03-20)

The course of COVID-19 is much more serious and fatal in elderly. These coming weeks, we expect a rapid increase in the Netherlands in the number of COVID-19 infections . What does the Coronavirus do to elderly and what does that mean for the healthcare for this vulnerable group?

Data from other countries shows that COVID-19 in elderly has a more serious and fatal course than in younger patients. In China approximately 15% of the 80 plus year olds with COVID-19 passed away, in the US 31% of all people with COVID-19 infections were older than 65 years, along with 45% of the hospital admissions and 80% of the deaths, in Italy 88% of the deaths were older than 70 years. COPD and cardiac diseases in particular appear to have a negative influence on the course of the disease.

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