APH COVID-19 initiative: Co-create solutions in corona times: a participatory research with people in a vulnerable situation

To limit the negative outcomes of the coronavirus ZonMw has started ‘Creative solutions for mental healthcare during the corona crisis’. Barbara C. Groot-Sluijsmans and her team are part of this regulation with their participatory action research with people in vulnerable situations . The project aims to stimulate people in vulnerable circumstances to share and think of creative solutions with each other. In small groups, guided by trained experience experts who share their knowledge, conversations are started to share experiences of others who find themselves in similar situations. Thereafter, conversations will be held to share stories and possible solutions with people in vulnerable situations. The most important experiences and solutions will become freely accessible via a website.

More information (in Dutch) on the projects involved in 'co-create solutions in corona times'.

For questions about this project, please contact Barbara Groot-Sluijsmans.

This is an initiative taken by APH researchers as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. If you have an initiative to be listed as well, please email us.

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