APH COVID-19 in the media: APH-researcher, professor Miranda Olff, a specialist in traumatic stress, speaks in the Elsevier about solidarity, the honeymoon-phase and additional stressors in times of corona.

Miranda Olff Miranda Olff

Miranda Olff is head of the Department of Psychotrauma (Amsterdam UMC, location AMC) and research director at the ARQ National Psychotrauma Centre. Olff supports guidance of medical staff in hospitals around the world. In the AMC, the guidance has expanded due to the frightening images caused by the corona-virus. For the doctors and nurses in the AMC a pool of more than 40 psychologists, psychiatrists and social services are available. With the knowledge Centre Impact of disasters and crisis’ of ARQ, Olff helps other hospitals with taking care of their staff

“It is nice to see what we can arrange with each other. Also, we are looking closely how to handle this crisis best internationally”.

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