€44.500 from the Dutch Brain Foundation for 'insomnia after acquired brain injury' research

Insomnia after acquired brain injury.
Marte E. Ford (Heliomare), Coen van Bennekom (APH - Heliomare/Amsterdam UMC, location AMC) and Gert Geurtsen (APH - Amsterdam UMC, location AMC).

Insomnia is present in about 30% of the patients with acquired brain injury (traumatic brain injury or stroke). Insomnia has many negative consequences (e.g. mood, social, work and mobility issues)  In persons with acquired brain injury  insomnia leads to an increase of the brain injury related problems such as attention, memory and fatigue. Furthermore, sleep is important in the neurological recovery phase. Therefore, both the recognition and treatment of insomnia are important. 

In this RCT an online cognitive behavioral treatment is compared with treatment as usual. Insomnia (measured with the ISI) is the primary outcome. This RCT has started in 2018 in 5 different rehabilitation centers. With this grant the RCT can be finished.