'Workshop work-life balance' for PhD students and Postdocs
02-12-2019 13:00 02-12-2019 16:00 Vrije Universiteit - Kerkzaal (HG-16A00)

Hello fellow PhD-students and postdocs!

We would like to invite you all to our next workshop given by Ellis Vyth from Hertz:

'Workshop work-life balance'

Many PhDs and postdocs experience difficulties in maintaining a balance between all the different projects and tasks they have. This is not to mention the difficult balance between work and private life. It is all about making the right decisions, but these are often not very clear and are always very personal. In this workshop you decide on the tasks you are definitely going to pursue and those you would like to discard. Then you practise different ways of convincing your colleagues and supervisors. You will learn to say no in an effective and friendly way.

2nd of December, 13.00-16:00

Duration: 3h – Location: Kerkzaal* (HG-16A00) - Followed with drinks!

If you would like to join this free workshop, please sign up here:


Limited spots available!

*kerkzaal location: Take the elevator in the main building to the 15th floor, and follow the signs to reach the stairs which will take you to the kerkzaal.


In this workshop Ellis Vyth from Hertz will discuss:

- Assessing what you want and what you don't want;

-Plan and manage your tasks and projects;

- Negotiation techniques: convincing your colleauges;

- How to say 'NO';


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