Symposium Responsive and Participatory Research: Past, Present and Future Perspectives
20-01-2020 13:30 20-01-2020 17:00 Auditorium VU University – Amsterdam

Symposium Responsive and Participatory Research

Past, Present and Future Perspectives

January 20th 2020 (13.30-17.00) Auditorium VU University – Amsterdam

We welcome transdisciplinary scholars, who have been inspired by responsive and participatory research to share and celebrate with us what we have jointly accomplished and jointly shape a sustainable future.

Our current societies wrestle with highly complex issues including health disparities, care for the elderly, poverty, polarization and climate change. In their strive to be democratic, inclusive ánd impactful researchers search for ways to be more responsive to the needs of various stakeholders, and to actively engage them in the co-creation of knowledge for social change. Dialogue and deliberation among stakeholders, including citizens and service-users, are seen as ways to mobilize various sources of knowing, including experiential and artistic representations, to address pressing issues in local settings. The heightened interest in these responsive, participatory and action-oriented approaches, among researchers but also among funding agencies, is a welcoming trend. We see it as a stimulus to rediscover valuable research traditions from the past, to generate discussion on current issues (epistemological, methodological, socio-political, existential and moral ones) and anticipate upon future challenges and perspectives.

This symposium brings together a transdisciplinary group of scholars who have inspired and collaborated with Prof. Tineke Abma and her team over the past 10 years in Amsterdam university medical centre.

The keynote speakers will show that responsive and participatory approaches offer a source of inspiration to enrich our research practice. Prof. Bob Stake who developed responsive approaches to evaluation, will talk about the history of responsive and democratic evaluation and developments over the last forty years. Prof. Tina Cook will present her participatory approach in which communicative action is central, and argue that ‘messiness’ is an inevitable and important part of the research to get beyond well-rehearsed notions and solutions. Prof. Alie Weerman has a double identity as expert-by experience and researcher leader, and will present her existential approach to experiential knowledge. Prof. Harry Kunneman will argue that complexity theory is helpful for researchers to understand how they are part of processes of knowledge construction and what this means in terms of researcher reflexivity. Prof. Tineke Abma will share her ideas on the future and upcoming issues around knowledge, power and other ways of knowing.

Prof. Guy Widdershoven will chair the symposium.

We all welcome you to share and celebrate with us what we have jointly accomplished.

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