Symposium 'Innovations in mental health care for depression : Beyond 2020'
29-11-2017 13:30 29-11-2017 17:00 Aula VU

Symposium 'Innovations in mental health care

for depression : Beyond 2020'


There is no doubt that depression is a major public health problem. During the past years, clinical psychotherapy research has focused on investigating the effectiveness of existing treatments for depression and on exploring ways to increase treatment availability and accessibility. Innovative therapeutic approaches, such as internet-based interventions appear promising in filling the gap between treatment supply and demand. Although a lot has been achieved over the past years, many therapeutic challenges remain and need to be addressed in the future.  

The symposium will have a broad scope summarizing the existing state of the art in the effects of psychotherapy for adult depression and focusing on the application of e-health in primary care and in universities.

Target audience

Researchers, policy makers, clinicians and other professionals within the field of public, mental and medical health interested in the latest developments in the field of psychotherapy for depression. 

When and where?

The symposium will be held at the 29th of November 2017 at the Aula in the main building of the VU university Amsterdam. The symposium is free of charge.

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