PRECeDI Seminar - Policy development in Personalized Medicine
15-03-2018 10:00 15-03-2018 16:15 VU University, Boelelaan 1105, Amsterdam E wing, 1st floor, room 1E-24, ‘Filmzaal’

PRECeDI Seminar - Policy development in Personalized Medicine

Attendance is free, but please register in time as seats are limited, and so we can inform the catering.

To register, please send an email message to Mrs Wilma Ijzerman:


10.00- 10.15       Welcome Speeches  (Martine de Bruijne, VUMC)
10.15-10.30 General overview of the PRECeDI project, (Stefania Boccia, UCSC)
10.30-11.15        Chair: Martina Cornel, VUMC

Challenge 1: The promise of OMICS in Personalised Medicine: achieved results, current challenges and potential public-private collaboration for future application
Identification of biomarkers for the prevention of chronic diseases (Cornelia Van Duijn, ERASMUSMC)
How to establish fruitful collaboration between academic/research organization and private companies: current needs to advance research and innovation, Speaker TBC

11.15                     Coffee break
11.30-12.15        Chair: Stefania Boccia, UCSC

Challenge 2: Prioritising in Personalised Medicine
Prioritising useful applications in genomic screening. (Martina Cornel, VUMC)
Challenges in the implementation of personalised medicine: some concepts and issues (Ron Zimmern, PHG Foundation)

12.15 – 13.00     Chair: Roza Adany, UD

Challenge 3: Strategies for integrating personalized medicine in health systems
How to identify efficient and effective organizational models that integrate genomic information in Personalised Medicine: A health technology exercise? (Paolo Villari, SAPIENZA)
Designing the health system of the future: the challenge and the opportunities of Personalised Medicine in contributing to sustainable, resilient and effective health systems (Walter Ricciardi, ISS)

13.00-14.00        Lunch
14.00 – 16.00 Round Table - Fostering innovation in Personalised Medicine: what is the impact for our health systems?
Chair: Anant Jani, BVHC, Oxford

Discussants, among others
·         Dick Willems (AMC; Co-Chair Amsterdam Public Health program Personalized Medicine)   Translating personalised medicine into everyday health care (and the other way around).
·         Martine de Bruijne , (VUMC; Director Amsterdam Public Health research institute)
Value Based Health Care at VUMC: new insights
·         Tessel Rigter (VUMC; Netherlands Institute for Public health and the environment) Pharmacogenomics as example of personalized medicine: (when) is it eligible?
·         Ma'n H. Zawati (McGill) Mobile health applications for both consumer uses and research
·         Jim Roldan (LinkCare) Technological application / collaboration academic-SME for innovative solutions

16.00-16.15 Conclusions (Martina Cornel, VUMC)