Online Executive Career Coaching by Experiential Insight (ADVANCED)
12-02-2020 12:00 18-03-2020 12:00 Online

The Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is organizing online career coaching.

More information can be found on the VU website >>

At VU Amsterdam, we want you to go out into the world and reach new heights, and because of that we are pleased to offer you with a unique development opportunity that will help you accelerate your career and overall success regardless of whether you plan to be a researcher or step into the corporate world.

Our Executive Coaching Tracks are designed to help you push the boundaries on creating impact and influence. We understand that development means staying ahead of the game, being prepared to navigate your career, and tackling difficult decisions and challenges.

With access to top ranked Executive Coaches, who are developing C-Suite executives and CEO's across the world, our mission is to inspire brilliant minds such as yourself to be the world's future leaders of society with the right curated opportunities. Let’s get you ready for the Future of Leadership.

Advanced Track: Getting Your Dream Job
Session 1: Designing Your Lifestyle Career
Session 2: Tapping into Strength and Certainty
Session 3: The 4 Second Resume / CV Skim
Session 4: Rethinking the Monstrous Job Search
Session 5: The Power of Influence and Networks
Session 6: Want to Achieve More? Negotiation is Key

Coaching Track 3 (Advanced)

Date: 12 February - 18 March

Day of Week: Wednesday

Time: 12:00 PM CEST

Coaching Track 4 (Advanced)

Date: 13 February - 19 March

Day of Week: Thursday

Time: 5:00 PM CEST

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