New edition Employability outside Academia Course starts 26 January 2018 (PCDI network)
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New edition Employability outside Academia starts 26 January 2018

Do you want to continue your career outside academia after your PhD but you are not sure which is the best step for you? How do you find out what is really important to you? How do you make yourself attractive as a PhD professional and what can be your added value in business or non-profit. Prepare youself in the course Employabilty Outside Academia for a successful career step.

Employability Outside Academia

Employability Outside Academia is a course that supports PhD students and postdocs in their preparation to make the transition to industry and/or non-profit organisations. It helps them finding out what position would suit them.

In three full days, you will find answers to questions like: Is it realistic for me to stay in academia or shout I seek for a job elsewere? What do I (really) want? What job opportunities are there for PhD students and postdocs outside academia? What is necessary to make the transition to a position outside academia? Am I maybe too old to make the transition? How can I increase my attractiveness to non-academic employers? What steps do I need to take? How do I present myself towards organizations outside academia? How do I deal with the insecurities I have?, etc.

With help of the trainer and your fellow participants you will receive tailor made answers to the career questions you have. As a bonus, you will definitely gain a lot more self-insight!

PLEASE NOTE: Many institutes have financial arrangements for career development that can be adressed to (partially) cover the registration fee. It is definitely worth checking! Please contact your HR advisor or supervisor about funding opportunities.

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