‘Looming Threat or Minor Detail’ Global Health symposium om HIV drug resistance in Africa
11-11-2019 14:00 11-11-2019 17:00 Fonteijnzaal, Amsterdam, UMC (Location AMC)

Over the past 30 years, much progress has been made towards understanding and containing the worldwide HIV epidemic. However, the virus itself is increasingly becoming resistant to the very medications used to treat it. As a result, HIV drug resistance (HIVDR) has been reported in many countries around the globe and is affecting our most vulnerable populations. This unique symposium brings together leading experts in the field to discuss key insights into the drivers and development of HIVDR and its consequences for global HIV programs, with a special emphasis on Africa.

Date:     November 11 from 14:00-17:00, followed by drinks

Place:    Fonteijnzaal, Amsterdam, UMC (Location AMC)

Cost:      Free

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