Gender in research | Workshop for Amsterdam Public Health PhD-students
31-10-2018 15:30 31-10-2018 17:30 AMC room M2-126

APH Personalized Medicine and HealthPros present

Gender in research

Workshop for Amsterdam Public Health PhD-students

Wednesday 31 October 2018, 15.30-17.30, room AMC M2-126


  • Prof.dr. Ineke Klinge, Gender Advisory Board H2020, chair NVG&G
  • Dr. Petra Verdonk, dpt. Medical Humanities, Amsterdam UMC locatie VUmc, secretary NVG&G  
  • Dr. Maaike Muntinga, dpt. Medical Humanities, Amsterdam UMC locatie VUmc  
  • Dr. Laurian Jongejan, projectmanager HealthPros


    Integrating the concepts of sex and gender into research is necessary for a beneficial impact of science for men and women equally, as well as for methodological and ethical reasons (see also; Jahn et a., 2017). Sex refers to a biological quality or classification of sexually-reproducing organisms, generally female, male or intersex. Gender refers to cultural attitudes and behaviours that shape feminine and masculine behaviours, products, technologies, environments and knowledge. Sex and gender are partly independent concepts influencing research outcomes, and should therefore be assessed separately (Theunissen et al., 2014). Besides sex and gender, other aspects of identity are important as well, including their intersections (intersectionality perspective) (Verdonk et al., accepted). Unfortunately, incorporating sex and gender and other aspects of diversity into research has yet to become standard procedure (Johnson & Beaudet, 2012). In this workshop, students will learn about relevant concepts and theoretical backgrounds, and discuss how sex and gender can be incorporated in their own research projects by applying useful tools for integrating sex and gender (e.g. CIHR criteria and Gendered Innovations) across their intersections.

    Learning objectives

    After the workshop, PhD-students

    • have knowledge of relevant concepts including sex and gender, gender bias, intersectionality
    • understand new developments as regards sex and gender considerations in policies of granting agencies and scientific journals about studying, analysing, and reporting
    • consider sex and gender across their intersections in their own research. 


    5 min                    Introduction, Laurian Jongejan

    45 min                  Sex and gender in health research Ineke Klinge

    10 min                  Break

    45 min                  Sex and gender in students’ research projects (subgroups) Ineke Klinge, Petra Verdonk, Maaike Muntinga

    15 min                  Plenary summary and evaluation

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    This workshop is a collaboration between Amsterdam Public Health Programme Personalized Medicine, and HealthPros. HealthPros is an EU Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network for Healthcare Performance Intelligence Professionals (HealthPros), running from January 2018 – 2022.