Ethical debate Aging & Later Life in ‘De Nieuwe Liefde’ Amsterdam
30-01-2018 20:00 30-01-2018 22:00 ‘De Nieuwe Liefde’ Amsterdam

Ethical debate Aging & Later Life in ‘De Nieuwe Liefde’

Time and date: 20.00, January 30th, 2018

Location: ‘De Nieuwe Liefde’ in Amsterdam.

Speakers: Prof. dr. Cees Hertogh and prof. dr. Marli Huijer , more speakers tba.

Host: Henk Steenhuis (Trouw)

Are we entitled to our frailty in old age, or is successful aging the new norm? What is the impact of increasing emphasis on vitality and health older people’s quality of life? And how does the public framing of old age in terms of loss and suffering influence current aging research and care practices?  On January 30th, Aging & Later Life will host an ethical debate centering on these questions and more.

Cees Hertogh, program leader of Aging & Later Life, is in debate with Marli Huijer (philosopher and former thinker of the Dutch) and Kader Abdolah (writer) about the tension between healthy and successful aging and the acceptance of limitations.

Is there still room for lack, loss and dependence in thinking about aging? Or should everyone be vital and cheerful until the last sob?

The evening starts at 8 p.m. and takes place in debate center De Nieuwe Liefde in Amsterdam.  The evening is part of a national debate series on current medical-ethical topics. Prior to the debate, a substantive document will appear in Trouw.  

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