Doctoral training ‘Intersectionality and I’
23-10-2020 00:00 23-10-2020 00:00 VU University

In the fall of 2020, we will kick-start our doctoral training ‘Intersectionality and I’. The training ‘Intersectionality and I’ teaches APH researchers how to conduct intersectionality-based research. The training is the product of a participatory process in which PhD students and other APH stakeholders co-created a training program that meets the needs of public health researchers.

Intersectionality enables researchers to address health disparities and social justice in their research. It helps researchers to gain insight in biases: to whom is this knowledge applicable? And to whom it is not? Intersectionality allows for researchers to identify vulnerable groups, differences within and between groups and to explain these differences from a socio-structural perspective. Thereby, intersectionality adds value by generating integrated knowledge that contributes to tailored, personalized and patient-centered care policies and practices.

Training ‘Intersectionality and I’ includes the following elements:

-          Introduction to theories and concepts on social justice and intersectionality

-          The relevance of social justice and intersectionality to public health

-          The application of social justice and intersectionality in quantitative and qualitative research

-          Reflexivity and the role of the researcher

-          Train-the-trainer: dissemination of knowledge and skills to other researchers

The two-day training takes places at Friday 23rd of October and 20th of November. The training takes place at the VU University.

Are you a PhD student or junior researcher affiliated to APH? Are you interested in participation? Please send an email to