Course: Leadership in science (for Postdocs)
20-06-2017 10:00 04-07-2017 17:00 AMC

In this course we help you to strengthen your leadership skills. We discuss the main leadership theories so you can define your own view on your leadership and shape the direction of your development. With exercises of your choice you can practice skills between the course days. Sharing experiences and tips with your peers (the other participants) is an important part of the course. With the help of a professional training actor, we use Situational Leadership (Hersey & Blanchard 2004) as a framework to practice various situations within the context of leadership. You can suggest a situation you would like to practice, such as: how do I delegate?, what if my employee lacks skills?, what is the difference between coaching and teaching, and how do I apply this? We will fine-tune the program based on the intake forms of the participants, so as to address your individual wishes.
This informative and interactive course was appreciated highly by previous AMC/VUMC postdocs and was labeled ‘excellent’ in evaluations

The course consists of 2 seperate days:
Day 1: 20 june
Day 2: 4 july.

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