Ceremonies & lectures September 2019
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Ceremonies & lectures september 2019

  • Monday 2-09, 16:00 , VU aula, Opening academic year by Paul Rosemöller  & Arnon Grunberg: “Wij zijn de baas!”
  • Wednesday 4-09, 11:45, VU aula, PhD ceremony C. Schmidt: ”Diabetes-distress: a burden for patients with diabetes”
  • Wednesday 4-09, 13:00 , Aula der Universiteit, PhD ceremony K.J.M. Verhaegh: ”Sailing home: a better journey for patients through transitions of care”
  • Thursday 5-09, 16:00, Aula der Universiteit, Inaugural lecture Dr. B.J. Biermond: ”Sikkel en de Zeis”
  • Friday 6-09, 16:00, Aula der Universiteit, Inaugural lecture Dr. L. Vermeulen: ”Moleculaire oncologie – kans en noodzakelijkheid”
  • Wednesday 11-09, 13:45, VU aula, PhD ceremony  E. den Bakker: “Accurate estimation of GFR in children using endogenous serum markers”
  • Friday 13-09, 13:45, VU aula, PhD ceremony E.V.A. Bouwsma: “Enhancing postoperative recovery & participation in gynaecologic patients”
  • Friday 13-09, 14:00, Agnietenkapel, PhD ceremony H.A. van Oers           
  • Friday 13-09, 16:00, Aula der Universiteit, Inaugural lecture Dr. G.A. van Wingen: “Voorspelbare hersenen”
  • Monday 16-09, 09:45,  VU aula, PhD ceremony C.A.L. de Raaff: “Obstructive sleep apnea in bariatric surgery”
  • Wednesday 18-09, 11:45, VU aula, PhD ceremony S.A.M. Veldkamp: “Childhood individual differences”
  • Thursday 19-09,  12:00, Agnietenkapel, PhD ceremony J.M. Vermeulen: “Keep Quality In Mind Antipsychotics, aggression and smoking in patients with a psychotic disorder”
  • Friday 20-09,  14:00, Agnietenkapel, PhD ceremony W.T. Gude: “Understanding and optimising electronic audit and feedback to improve quality of care”
  • Wednesday 25-09, 13:00, Aula der Universiteit, PhD ceremony  F.A. van Dijk      
  • Wednesday 25-09, 13:45, Vu aula, PhD ceremony K. Evenblij: “End-of-life care for patients suffering from a psychiatric disorder”
  • Wednesday 25-09, 15:45, VU aula, PhD ceremony H. Leyerzapf: “Doing diversity: Unsettling the Self-Other binary”
  • Thursday 26-09,  10:00, Agnietenkapel, PhD ceremony P.A.W. Nuijts: “Policies targeting the sale of tobacco and youth smoking behavior”
  • Thursday 26-09, 13:45,  VU aula ,, PhD ceremony E.I. Kamphuis: “Preterm birth: Recurrence and risks of routine interventions”
  • Thursday 26-09,  14:00, Agnietenkapel, PhD ceremony I. van Beusekom: “Healthcare consumption and health-related quality of life of intensive care survivors”
  • Friday 27-09, 14:00, Agnietenkapel, PhD ceremony M.M. de Waal: “SOS, Improving awareness, understanding, and prevention of victimization among dual diagnosis patients”