Ceremonies & lectures October 2019
01-10-2019 00:00 31-10-2019 00:00 VU / UvA

  • Tuesday 1-10, 11.45, VU aula, Phd ceremony A.D.M. Koopman:  “Biological risk factors and sleep-related risk factors of type 2 diabetes mellitus”
  • Tuesday 1-10, 14.00, Agnietenkapel, PhD ceremony S.A. Troelstra: “Settings and interventions to encourage smoking cessation”
  • Wednesday 2-10, 11.00, Aula der Universiteit, PhD ceremony I.H. Schuller: “Decision-making in uncertainty | End-of-life decision-making for severely disabled children”
  • Wednesday 2-10, 16.00, Aula der Universiteit, inaugural lecture prof. dr. R.H.L. Houtkooper: “Mind the gap!”
  • Thursday 3-10, 10.00, Agnietenkapel, PhD ceremony C.M.W. Gaasterland: “Patient involvement in rare disease trial design: small populations making a big difference”
  • Thursday 3-10, 12.00, Agnietenkapel, PhD ceremony M.T.J. Bus: “Optical Diagnostics in Upper Urinary Tract Carcinoma”
  • Wednesday 9-10, 12.00, Agnietenkapel, PhD ceremony A. Dhabangi: “Transfusion in sub-Saharan Africa: blood products, clinical care and community perceptions”
  • Wednesday 9-10, 14.00, Agnietenkapel, PhD ceremony M. van Aalst: “Infection Prevention by Vaccinations in Immunocompromised Patients”
  • Friday 11-10, 09.45, VU aula, PhD ceremony E.C. Littooij: “Global meaning in people with spinal cord injury or stroke: content, changes and perceived influence on rehabilitation”
  • Friday 11-10, 11.45, VU aula, PhD ceremony K. van Gink: “Strike while the iron is cold”
  • Friday 11-10, 13.45, VU aula, PhD ceremony J.E. van der Zwan: “Stress in Pregnant and Non-Pregnant Women”
  • Friday 11-10, 15.45, VU aula, inaugural lecture prof. dr. K.D.P.W.B. Nanayakkara: “Hoping to find”.
  • Tuesday 15-10, 14.00, Agnietenkapel, PhD ceremony M.H.W. Huibers.
  • Wednesday 16-10, 10.00, Agnietenkapel, PhD ceremony R.A. van Zoest: “Aging with HIV: from Pathogenesis to Policy”
  • Wednesday 16-10, 14.00, Agnietenkapel, PhD ceremony W. Vlastra.
  • Thursday 17-10, 09.45, VU auditorium, PhD ceremony M.G. Matias de Pinho: “Contextual correlates of dietary behaviours in adults across Europe”
  • Thursday 17-10, 13.45, VU auditorium, PhD ceremony J.A. Overbeek: “Type 2 diabetes, its pharmacological treatment and associations with cancer”
  • Monday 28-10, 11.45, VU auditorium, PhD ceremony I.D. Ebuenyi: “Inclusive employment: understanding the barriers to and facilitators of employment for persons with mental disability in East Africa”