Ceremonies & lectures November 2019
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Ceremonies & lectures November 2019

  • Friday 1-11-2019, 14.00, Aula der Universiteit, inaugural lecture Prof. dr. N. van der Velde: “Vallen en opstaan”
  • Monday 4-11-2019, 11.45, Auditorium, PhD ceremony M. Badenhorst: “Life after the game: consequences of acute spinal cord injuries in South African rugby union players”
  • Wednesday 6-11-2019, 12.00, Agnietenkapel, PhD ceremony R.M. Stoekenbroek: “High Risk Cardiovascular Disease”
  • Tuesday 12-11-2019, 12.00, Agnietenkapel, PhD ceremony M.C. Kityo: “Emerging HIV Drug Resistance in Sub-Saharan Africa: Effect and Treatment outcomes”
  • Tuesday 12-11-2019, 14.00, Agnietenkapel, PhD ceremony S.C. Inzaule: “Towards achieving the third “90”of the 90-90-90 global HIV targets in sub-Saharan Africa | Adherence, drug resistance and molecular diagnostics”
  • Wednesday 13-11-2019, 11.00, Aula der Universiteit, PhD ceremony E.P.M. van Meijel: “Invisible injuries | Posttraumatic stress in children, adolescents and their parents following accidents”
  • Wednesday 13-11-2019, 12.00, Agnietenkapel, PhD ceremony T. Wieldraaijer: “General practitioner involvement in colorectal cancer survivorship care”
  • Friday 15-11-2019, 09.45, VU aula, PhD ceremony M. Scharn: “Societal participation and retirement in an ageing population”
  • Monday 18-11-2019, 11.00, Singelkerk, PhD ceremony M.K. Bannister-Tyrrell: “Micro-epidemiology of malaria in pre-elimination settings”
  • Monday 18-11-2019, 15.45, VU aula, PhD ceremony A.M. Hendriks: “Treatment, prediction, and assessment of childhood aggression”
  • Tuesday 19-11-2019, 13.45, VU aula, PhD ceremony M. van Gorp: “Health Issues, Activity and Participation of Young Adults with Cerebral Palsy”
  • Wednesday 20-11-2019, 10.00, Agnietenkapel, PhD ceremony L. Koers: “Perioperative Quality of Care and Patient Safety”
  • Friday 22-11-2019, 12.00, Agnietenkapel, PhD ceremony M.J. Blom: “Improving quality of intensive care: optimizing audit & feedback with actionable indicators and an action implementation toolbox”
  • Friday 22-11-2019, 14.00, Agnietenkapel, PhD ceremony C.A.I. van der Meer: “Finding the golden lining: assessment, self-help and treatment after trauma”
  • Monday 25-11-2019, 14.00, Agnietenkapel, PhD ceremony J.P. Bil: “HIV, hepatitis B & C, and sexually transmitted infections: Innovations in prevention and testing”
  • Wednesday 27-11-2019, 11.45, VU aula, PhD ceremony J.E. Neter: “Dietary Intake of Dutch Food Bank Recipients”
  • Wednesday 27-11-2019, 13.00, Aula der Universiteit, PhD ceremony E.R.J. Bruns
  • Wednesday 27-11-2019, 15.45, VU aula, PhD ceremony C. Silveira Bolling: “Who me? I thought you would never ask!”
  • Thursday 28-11-2019, 12.00, Agnietenkapel, PhD ceremony W. Perini: “Cardiovascular Risk and Eligibility for Preventive Treatment: The role of Ethnicity”
  • Thursday 28-11-2019, 15.45, VU aula, inaugural lecture Prof. dr. M.A.H. Steegers: “Schuivende panelen”
  • Friday 29-11-2019, 14.00, Agnietenkapel, PhD ceremony G.J. de Vries: “Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: prevalence, stress hormones and metabolism”