Annual CaRe Meeting 2018 's-Hertogenbosch
16-05-2018 10:00 17-05-2018 17:00 's-Hertogenbosch. The Golden Tulip Hotel

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Wednesday 16 May

Scientific and professional integrity is a hot item nowadays in science. Where does integrity start and where does it end? Prof. Lex Bouter (professor of Methodology and Integrity VUMC) will present from the researchers perspective and prof. Fiona Godlee (Editor BMJ) from the editor’’s perspective . After the lectures we will play the interactive scientific integrity dilemma game on integrity of Erasmus University Rotterdam. A few dilemmas will be discussed with the audience and the keynote speakers of the morning. In the afternoon Paul Blokhuis, State Secretary for Health, Welfare and Sport, will speak about Prevention research and governmental policy.

PhD students who attend both days will receive a certificate (1 ECTS). No fee and free stay and dinner at The Golden Tulip Hotel at ‘s Hertogenbosch.

Thursday 17 May

How to create a successful research program?

With lectures of prof. Maroeska Rovers (Radboud University) & Jochen Cals (Maastricht University) about ‘How to build a successful research group’. Prof. Bart Kiemeney (Radboud University) will talk about the tension between ambition and scientific integrity. Followed by Anja Schuurman (AEGON) presenting a HRM perspective on academic life after a PhD trajectory and prof. Stan Gielen (Chair NWO) about balance between a normal life and academic success.

Don't miss this excellent opportunity to meet and greet your colleagues from other institutes!

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