Amsterdam Medical Data Science: Launch Event VU Campus Center for AI & Health
23-10-2020 16:00 23-10-2020 18:00 Online

The Data with(out) Pizza meetings of AMDS (Amsterdam Medical Data Science) are restarting again!

You are more than welcome to participate in the next event that will take place on 23 October, 4 to 6 pm

More information about the Lauch Event VU Campus center for AI & Health>>


Welcome + purpose of the center (Heleen Riper (VU Psychology), Mark Hoogendoorn (VU Computer Science), Marleen Huysman (VU School of Business and Economics), and Robert de Jonge (Amsterdam UMC, Clinical Chemistry))

Opening center (Chris Polman (Executive Board Amsterdam UMC) and Mirjam van Praag (Executive Board VU))

Keynote talk: AutoML and interpretability: powering the machine learning revolution in healthcare (Mihaela van der Schaar, University of Cambridge)

  • Improvement and evaluation of AI techniques for Personalized Mental Health Interventions - Marketa Ciharova (VU Clinical Psychology) and Ali el Hassouni (VU Computer Science)
  • The intersection of AI and Knowledge Work: A Case Study in Radiology - Bomi Kim (VU School of Business and Economics)
  • Deep Learning for Tumor Response Evaluation - Nina Wesdorp (Amsterdam UMC - Cancer Center Amsterdam)