ACHC symposium on Visuals in Health Communication
23-04-2019 12:00 23-04-2019 18:00 University of Amsterdam

The Amsterdam Center for Health Communication (ACHC) organizes a symposium about Visuals in Health Communication on Tuesday 23 april a.s. titled: 

Gezondheid in Beeld: De rol van visuele communicatie

Health websites, apps, and brochures increasingly contain visual elements, like illustrations, animations and video's. These visual elements are for instance used in health education efforts, patient portals, and risk communication campaigns. But how are these visual elements being developed, to what extent are they effective, and for which audience? And what is the role of novel research methods, such as eye tracking, in expanding our knowledge on visual health communication?

The goal of this symposium is to share knowledge among scholars and health specialists working in the field. The keynote lecture will be given by dr. Andy King (Iowa State University), expert on visual health communication and visual research methods. In addition, we've already secured four interesting speakers to give a lecture: Prof. Liset van Dijk (NIVEL), Marjolijn van Leeuwen (Pharos), Olchert Vels (Behandeling Begrepen), and Hao Nguyen (Universiteit van Amsterdam).


The symposium takes place on 23 april from 12.00 tot 18.00 at the University of Amsterdam. Registration for this symposium is free. You can sign up for the symposium via this link. The symposium will be in Dutch, except for the keynote lecture which will be given in English.

Blitz presentations

We're currently accepting submissions for "Blitz presentations" in which new research or work in progress will be presented in five minutes. If you would like to give a Blitz presentation, please send in an abstract (150 words) before 17 March 2019 to