PhD Ceremonies & Lectures

      July 2017

      • PhD ceremony L.E. van den Akker ''The effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for the treatment of fatigue in Multiple Sclerosis'' July 4 2017, 09.45 hrs, Aula VU
      • PhD ceremony J.C. Maas ''Knee-ankle-foot orthosis treatment in children with spastic cerebral palsy'' July  6 2017, 09.45 hrs, Aula VU

      September 2017

      • PhD ceremony Inger van der Kooij, “Child Abuse & Neglect in Suriname", September 6, 2017, 10:00, Agnietenkapel UvA
      • Farewell lecture Prof. dr. W van Mechelen ''Body@Work: Nu? of nooit! (meer?)'' September 8th, 15:45 Aula VU
      • PhD ceremony C.N. Black, ''Oxidative stress in depression and anxiety disorders'' September 12th, 11:45 Aula VU
      • PhD ceremony Astrid van Strien, “Adverse drug reactions of antipsychotics in frail older patients” September 14th, 15:45 Aula VU
      • PhD ceremony Jennifer vd Broeke, "In need of a collaborative response. An analysis of collaboration between public health, primary care and social care in deprived neighbourhoods", September 15th, 10:00, Agnietenkapel UvA
      • PhD ceremony I. Vriend, ''Preventing Sport Injuries'' September 19th, 13:45 Aula VU
      • PhD ceremony E.S. Weitz, 'Towards personalized treatment: the impact of symptom severity on depression treatment response'' September 20th, 13:45 Aula Vu
      • PhD ceremony Miriam Braakhekke, "Randomized Controlled Trials in Reproductive Medicine - Disclosing the Caveats'', September 21, 2017, 14:00, Agnietenkapel UvA
      • PhD ceremony N.M. Schutte, ''Unraveling the genetic components of voluntary exercise behavior in adolescents and young adults'' September 22rd 13:45 Aula Vu
      • Inaugural lecture Prof.dr. L. Reneman, “…''  ,September 22, 2017, 16:00, Aula UvA
      • PhD ceremony W.D. Scholten, ''Waxing and waning of anxiety disorders'' September 29th, 11:45 Aula VU
      • PhD ceremony A. de Wilde, ''Pathways from risk to maladaptation in elementary school: Do peers and teachers matter?'' September 29th, 13:45 Aula VU
        • PhD ceremony Grooten,Iris,  “…” , September 29, 2017, 14:00, Agnietenkapel UvA

        October 2017

        • PhD ceremony Karlijn Meeks, "Epidemiology and epigenetics of type 2 diabetes among African migrants in Europe", October 4th, 10:00, Agnietenkapel UvA