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Until the final merger of the AMC and VUmc, procedures concerning training plans, courses, doctoral regulations and forms differ between the AMC and VUmc. Please find below useful links for each institution.

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Committee Quality of Education (Commissie OpleidingsKwaliteit)

The Committee Quality of Education aims to support, educate and guide the next generation of public health researchers, i.e. PhD candidates and postdocs.
The committee consists of senior researchers, postdocs and PhD candidates representing each of the 8 APH research programs.  The committee is chaired by 2 senior researchers from  the AMC and VU-VUmc. The committee meets 4 times a year.

The core activities of the APH PhD/PD Committee are:
1.       advise the APH board about training, education, supervision and talent policy;
2.       create competence (skills) profiles for PhD candidates and postdocs and design a strategy for implementation;
3.       organize meetings to introduce the APH institute to new PhD and postdoc members;
4.       set up an APH PhD and postdoc network to connect and support PhD students and postdocs in the institute, and to stay in contact with APH alumni.


  • Master Evidence Based Practice in Health Care  (AMC-UvA)
  • EpidM (VUmc/AMC)
  • Health Informatics courses(AMC/VUmc)

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