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Amsterdam UMC

Please find more information about Amsterdam UMC, at the VUmc intranet, or the AMC intranet.

APH Project Plan

The formation of the Amsterdam Public Health research institute and its research programs is outlined in the draft project plan. To recieve the plan by email, please contact us.

    APH Logo

    The logo of Amsterdam UMC is a monolithic logo. This means that all organizational parts of Amsterdam UMC should present themselves externally with the same name, logo and corporate design. We will soon receive instructions from our communication department on how to deal with this and keep you informed as soon as we know about our logo and corporate design.

    Click here for the AMC intranet alliance communication page>>

    Click here for the VUmc intranet alliance communication page>>

    To date, no corporate design or identity is yet available, for any of the Amsterdam research institutes. If you like to incorporate APH in any of your correspondence or PowerPoint presentation please find the APH logo and the website banner in the downloads below:

    APH Powerpoint Template

    If you like to present a powerpoint presentation in APH style, please find a APH powerpoint template below:

    APH Roadshow

    The roadshow can be used by APH employees to introduce APH to internal/external researchers, policymakers, care professionals and / or stakeholders. Please e-mail or so we can send you the latest version of the APH roadshows presentation (ENG/NL).

    APH Affiliations

    We ask all AMC, VUmc, VU and UvA colleagues of the Amsterdam Public Health research institute to add ‘Amsterdam Public Health research institute’ (in Dutch publications: ‘Amsterdam Public Health onderzoeksinstituut’) as additional affiliation in publications as of January 1st, 2017. This will improve our brand awareness and recognition of the scientific and societal efforts of Amsterdam Public Health.

    Amsterdam UMC researchers can use this affiliation:

    Location Meibergdreef: Amsterdam UMC, Univ(ersity) of Amsterdam, department(s), research institute(s), Meibergdreef 9, Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Location de Boelelaan: Amsterdam UMC, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, department(s), research institute(s), de Boelelaan 1117, Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Note: If there is not enough place for the complete affiliation, please prioritize:
    Amsterdam UMC, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam or University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

    - Location Meibergdreef: Amsterdam UMC, University of Amsterdam, Social Medicine, Amsterdam Public Health research insitute, Meibergdreef 9, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
    - Location de Boelelaan: Amsterdam UMC, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Epidemiology & Biostatistics, Amsterdam Public Health research institute, De Boelelaan 1117, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

    We will soon update the document below.

    • Download the Guideline Affiliations APH document

    APH Website

    Gradually, we are filling the APH website pages with information. Due to the early stage we are in, this might result in some (technical) restrictions, our hands are tied. Nevertheless, we are trying to find solutions and answers your questions regarding the APH website. Should you have any questions regarding the site-content of your program, department or collaboration on the APH website, please email to or