Business development


Do you have an idea that could benefit people, companies, other organizations or society as a whole? Your colleagues at IXA help you identify the best valorisation strategy for your particular idea, invention, product, service,  technology or material.

Facilities IXA

1.       Physical space in Demonstrator Lab VU/ Facility in W&N building, 2nd floor. For an entire year, students and researchers can work out their ideas, without additional financial risks, with a workstation and under the guidance of director David Ianuzze and IXA Businessdevelopers and in cooperation with other students/researchers who are also all working on their ideas. Currently, it are mainly computer scientists, exact scientists and human movement scientists who have a work station there, however for the past six months the demolab has also been available for all other scientific fields and students. Application is possible through our website and is well-organized, see

2.       Funding Instruments seem to be very focused on beta due to the used terminology (POC, Proof of concept), but in fact the APCA is also open for other scientific fields.

3.       Training programs The VU, VUmc and AMC recently started to also participate in these (again). All entrepreneurship programs are also available for VU, VUmc and AMC researchers and students. Twice a year, an incubator program is organized around spring and autumn in which excellent guidance is provided for when you would like to start your own company. There are also 2-days inspire programs, aimed at the different scientific domains. This is more an introduction to…

4.       One-on-one consultation with business development, see . That is also always an option.