APH research & COVID-19

APH COVID-19 initiatives

Listed below: initiatives taken by APH researchers as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.
If you have an initiative to be listed as well, please email us.

Health Behavior & Chronic Diseases

Health & safety in sports - does Corona affect your exercise? - APH contact person: Evert Verhagen read article

Support of healthy movement behavior of children during the COVID-19 crisis - APH contact person: Sanne Veldman read article

Ethnicity and COVID-19 -Epidemiology and control measures - APH contact person: Karien Stronks read more

Digitally visiting people with a disability: A multidisciplinary substantiated helping hand for residential locations where next of kin are not allowed to come - APH contact person: Anne Tharner read more

Mental Health

FindMyApps project helps vulnerable elderly people use technological solutions in order to overcome social isolation - APH contact person: David Neal read article

New study on the influence of COVID-19 on psychological factors as depression and anxiety - APH contact person: Brenda Penninx read article

COMET - COVID MEnTal Health Survey – Mental health effects of the COVID-19 outbreak – a longitudinal international comparison - APH contact person: Martina Patanè read article

Study on the impact of COVID-19 and social isolation on mental health in older adults with bipolar disorder - APH contact person: Melis Orhan read article

The effects of COVID-19 restrictions on mental health in a child and adolescent psychiatric population - APH contact person: Tinca Polderman read article

Coordinating, collecting and clarifying evidence-related issues for long-term care of people with intellectual disability - APH contact person: Carlo Schuengel read article

Weekly updates on mental health in Corona-time by Thrive Amsterdam read more

Social Participation & Health

A prospective cohort study in rheumatic patients - APH contact person: Femke Hooijberg read article

Project “Toolkit EMB & ICT” - APH contact person: Evelien van Wingerden read article

HEROES study aims to describe and examine the mental health, behavioral, and social challenges experienced by workers at health services - APH contact person: Frederike Schirmbeck read article

Co-create solutions in corona times: a participatory research with people in a vulnerable situation - APH contact person: Barbara Groot-Sluijsmans read article

Art in health care in times of corona - APH contact person: Barbara Groot-Sluijsmans read article

Global Health

Rapid knowledge appraisal methods and webinars for guidance developers - APH contact person: Teun Zuiderent-Jerak read article

COVID-19 and students' health - APH contact person: Elena Syurina read article

COVID-19 website by the Athena institute: transdisciplinary responses to a global crisis read more

Aging & Later Life

Registration COVID-19 in Ysis (Electronic Health Record geriatric care) - APH contact person: Cees Hertogh read article

COVID-19 among elderly - APH contact person: Bianca Buurman. read article

AGEhiV cohort study expanded their research to map how COVID-19 progresses in people with HIV compared to HIV-negative controls - APH contact person: Peter Reiss read article

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on older adults’ daily life and wellbeing - APH contact person: Martijn Huisman read article

Quality of Care

RIVM Behavioral research about preventive behavior and well-being of the Dutch population during the Corona crisis - APH contact person: Danielle Timmermans read article

RIVM research: How does the population of the Netherlands experience the Corona crisis?  - APH contact person: Danielle Timmermans read article

The AMC Health Systems and Services Research Group supports parties involved in the crisis by offering analytical support - APH contact person: Dionne Kringos read article

Research ethical questions regarding COVID-19 and fast-data sharing - APH contact person: Bert Molewijk read article

Online international reporting register: Epidemiology of Coronavirus under research exclusion – atopic dermatis (SECURE-AD) register - APH contact person: Angela Bosma read article

Research on the well-being of medical residents and how to support them during the COVID-19 pandemic - APH contact person: Hannah den Boon read article

Home-testing of speech recognition in hearing impaired people with a cochlear implant - APH contact person: Cas Smits read article

Development of recommendations for difficult consultations via the telephone or video-consultations - APH contact person: Ellen Smets read article

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on death and bereavement (the Co-LIVE project) - APH contact person: Bregje Onwuteaka-Philipsen read article

Supporting loved ones of an isolated and life threatening ill patient with COVID-19, admitted to the ICU - APH contact person: Bregje Onwuteaka-Philipsen read article

Personalized Medicine

Weekly newsletter - Gender in Times of Corona - Knowledge, thoughts and reflections about the relationship between sex/gender and COVID-19 - APH contact person: Petra Verdonk read article

ZonMw-grant for a project called ’Impact of Social Isolation on Vulnerable Populations during COVID-19’ - APH contact person: Jeannette Pols read article

The project 'Negotiating Health' is expanded with an additional ZonMw-grant - APH contact person: Petra Verdonk read article

Psychosocial effect of Corona measures in people living with cognitive impairment and their caregivers - APH contact person: Ingrid van Maurik read article

Reuse of FFP2 masks using an autoclave in the general practice office - APH contact person: Ralf Harskamp read article

Validation of the Roth Score test in hypoxia among patients with possible COVID-19 infection in a pre-hospital setting - APH contact person: Ralf Harskamp read article

Netherlands Twin Register participates in the Netherlands Longitudinal Cohorts COVID-19 Research Project - APH contact person: Eco de Geus read article


Department of Medical Informatics expands NICE registry to collect data of  COVID-19 patients - APH contact person: Martijn Schut read article

APH COVID-19 in the media

Physician Lukas Stalpers in Het Parool on corona crisis: “Resistance is better than immunity” read article

Bianca Buurman in the Algemeen Dagblad (AD): Health care workers should collaborate with policy makers read article

APH researchers Petra Verdonk and Irene van Valkengoed in Trouw about gender differences during and after the corona crisis read article

APH researcher Petra Verdonk on ZonMw.nl about gender differences in times of Corona read article

APH researcher, professor Miranda Olff, a specialist in traumatic stress, speaks in the Elsevier about solidarity, the honeymoon-phase and additional stressors in times of corona read article

Physician Karine van ’t Land in ICT&Health about the value of health and the opportunity of digital resources read article

Cees Hertogh, in Het Parool about a new large-scale research on the spread of the COVID-19 virus in nursing homes read article

Milou Angevaare & Hein van Hout in Het Parool: Well-being of nursing home residents did not change during the lockdown read article

COVID-19 initiatives

Corona Research Fund Amsterdam UMC read more

Join one of the many COVID-19 hackathons that are taking place across Europe! read more

COVID related actions by the European Commission read more

Information for researchers regarding COVID-19

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VU website Information for students and researchers

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For VU/VUmc
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