Proud to present the Annual Report of 2016

We are proud to present the first annual report of the alliance institute Amsterdam Neuroscience. We followed the so-called Standard Evaluation Protocol of the VSNU, with the note that for funding categorization we used NFU-criteria. The facts and figures in this annual report are a benchmark for the coming years.

And the results are solid. The nine research programs are all vital in their research output and research quality, despite differences in their historical trajectories. With 135 principal investigators in addition to faculty, residents, postdocs and including 416 PhD students the ensemble ‘community’ of the alliance institute Amsterdam Neuroscience now includes 863 investigators.

A total of 1211 refereed articles were published with 149 papers in the highest impact journals (impact factor > 10) and another 295 papers with a solid impact factor (> 5 <10). And there were many highlights, such VIDI and VENI grants and the launch of three spinoff companies. Enjoy reading!

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Arjen Brussaard – director
Diederik van de Beek - co-director