Mardien Oudega and Annemiek Dols receive a grant from the “Stichting tot Steun VCVGZ” to test Brain Gymmer

Mardien Oudega and Annemiek Dols receive grant (€ 95,000) from the “Stichting tot Steun VCVGZ” to test Brain Gymmer, cognitive training for older people with a mood disorder (depression and bipolar). 
They work together with Odile van den Heuvel and Chris Vriend, and already found that Brain Gymmer was effective in patients with Parkinson's disease.

Aim of the project: Our aim is to improve cognitive functioning in older people with mood disorders. Impaired cognitive functioning is known to be associated with unipolar and bipolar mood disorders and to have a negative impact on recovery of mood symptoms and social functioning. Moreover, late life mood disorders (LLMD) are associated with increased prevalence of dementia. To date, no effective evidence-based treatment exists to address cognitive problems in LLMD. We propose a pilot study with a double-blind, randomized controlled design to evaluate the feasibility and possible efficacy of online cognitive training in 40 non-demented patients with LLMD and subjective cognitive complaints.

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